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Reliable Paver Driveways in Spicewood, TX

First impressions are everything, so the front of your home is important. Even if you don’t get a lot of visitors, it can be boring to see the same driveway all the time. You could also be missing out on benefits of stronger materials. Whatever the reason for your paver driveways in Spicewood, TX, we’re here to help! Our team knows how durable pavers can be, and all of the visual options you’ll have. By working with a professional, we’ll make sure that you get the most out of your new driveway.

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Our Services

We offer a variety of paver installation solutions to both residential and commercial customers throughout Austin, Cedar Park, and the surrounding areas.


Beautify your outdoor spaces with an elegant paver patio, customized to fit your home’s unique style.


Breathe new life into your home and increase property value with a new paver driveway.

Pool Decks

Our pool deck and coping solutions can transform the look and feel of your yard and pool areas completely.

We Do Paver Driveways in Spicewood, TX

Every aspect of your home can affect the overall curb appeal. Since your driveway is something everyone will see, it can have an effect on your home’s value. Signature Pavers has a team of experts that will take care of the entire process, from planning to installation. We’ll recommend the best products for your driveway to bring out the most for your home.

Over the years, driveways are used every day in all kinds of ways. This can leave them scuffed, stained, or damaged. Pavers can shift the aesthetic to give you more for your money. We’ve got a lot of experience with pavers, since we use them for paver patios and other services. We’ll help you find the right color scheme, size, and design for your driveway.

When you want the best driveway in your neighborhood, look no further than Signature Pavers. When you call 512-781-6441 today, you can feel confident that you’re in the best hands, starting with an estimate!

Unique Paver Driveways in Spicewood, TX

Pavers are a relatively modern material for anything from driveways to paver pool decks. A lot of our customers haven’t heard of them, which means you might not know about their benefits. Our professionals recommend paver driveways in Spicewood, TX for their versatility and appeal, but you’ve got options for a new driveway. Popular ones are asphalt, gravel, concrete, and brick, so keep reading for more information on all of them or give us a call!

Asphalt is a common choice for driveways for several reasons. It’s cement that gets heated up before we pour it to fill whatever driveway or space you need. Most of the time, asphalt hardens in 24 hours or less, which gives it time to expand. That means that this inexpensive material can create any shape or fill any hole. It’s made of bitumen, tone, and sand, so it’s not the strongest option. That means you could end up needing a lot of repairs down the road, but it’s cheaper to install. Quality for asphalt varies from one manufacturer to the next, though, so your asphalt might not be as sturdy as the next project.

Speaking of less expensive, gravel can be a good option. It’s a little noisier and the gravel shifts under weight, but it’s easy to replace. Concrete is probably the one you’ll see most often in driveways. It’s cost-effective and lasts a long time. The water, gravel, and cement combination holds up well for a while, especially with steel or rebar inside. It’s relatively quiet and easy to install for our team. However, that process and any repairs will take longer. Concrete also only comes in the one texture and color. Aside from the typical damages over time, concrete is susceptible to a process called freeze-thaw anytime it gets cold and thaws out.

Bricks are another consideration for driveways, and they offer many aesthetic options. Of course, we don’t think you should have to choose from the best of these materials when pavers offer everything you need. They can be constructed from brick or concrete, so you can trust them to last. They also don’t need many repairs, but that maintenance is straightforward. Pavers can be replaced in sections or one at a time. While they’re more expensive to install in the first place, the simplicity of those repairs can save time and money. Then you have numerous visual options to pick between, so it’s no wonder that pavers can increase your home’s value!

Pavers are the number one recommendation by our professionals for many things. We don’t want you to miss out on their benefits for anything they can be used to make, like:

  1. Paver patios
  2. Outdoor kitchen
  3. Paver pool decks
  4. Garden path

Our team of experts can take care of your paver needs with efficiency and care. There’s a reason that our name is Signature Pavers, so call us today at 512-781-6441 to find out why with an estimate!

Service Areas

We are based in Cedar Park, TX and we provide our services in the following areas

  • Cedar Park, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Leander, TX
  • Georgetown, TX
  • West Lake, TX
  • Dripping Springs, TX
  • Spicewood, TX
  • Lakeway, TX
  • Bee Cave, TX
  • Barton Creek, TX
  • West Lake Hills, TX
  • Driftwood, TX


I’m pleased to say this company restored my faith in American business. The old mantra that was taught to customer service plus the amount of attention and care give to the job was amazing. You guys have that Midas touch. I appreciate how the team took care of me and went above and beyond to get me my order complete the job. The pavers look gorgeous, too!
Sue B.  Austin, TX


We enjoyed working with Signature Pavers. They were professional, timely, hard working and completed demo and new driveway in a week. We are very pleased with the results and receive compliments every time a new person sees our beautiful new driveway. We also added the LED lights on either side of the driveway and this is a really nice touch that lights the area for safety and added ambience. We would highly recommend Signature Pavers.
Jenny C.  Austin, TX